What is Serrapeptase

by admin on October 11, 2011

Most people would question the use of Serrapeptase if they didn’t know or understand its countless benefits. They might think it’s just another one of those health products on the market that is all hype and no substance. If you do the research however you will find that this enzyme comes with a huge range of benefits. This is why it’s one of my favorite products. It can help with many different issues, is inexpensive and really does work. Some people feeling the difference in just a few days.

The Serrapeptase Enzyme Has Been Available for a While

What many people don’t realize is this special enzyme has been used for over 25 years. It has been popular in Asia and Europe for quite some time, but the news of its benefits is spreading to the United States and other countries. This is why more people are becoming more interested in the topic.

“For Dissolving Fibrins & lessening the pain of adhesions this did the trick for me.
After multiple abdominal surgeries I was suffering from much pain due to adhesions.
I took this for two months and was afforded a noticeable amount of relief from the constant stabbing/twisting pain. I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a natural way of lessoning adhesion associated difficulties.”

– Muffin Babooshka, amazon.com

What is Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase is considered a “miracle enzyme.” It was originally found within the intestines of silkworms. Today, the enzyme is developed and produced in laboratory settings to keep up with the high demand and interest.

The idea behind the enzymes comes from the silkworm itself. This bacterium is found in silkworms, and it dissolves the dead tissue of the cocoon, which then provides them with the ability to transform into flying creatures. This same concept takes place with humans, as the Serrapeptase dissolves dead tissue without hurting a person’s living cells

Talking About Serrapeptase in Simpler Terms

In clinical terms, Serrapeptase is called Serratio Pepidase. This proteolytic enzyme breaks down proteins in a host body, which is why it’s capable of reducing inflammation and pain. This is especially true in these medical conditions:

Chronic airway disease
• Fibrocystic breast disease
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Post-surgical edema
• Throat infections
• Nose infections
• Ear infections

Research has been completed in all these areas. Currently, they are looking at how Serrapeptase benefits those with arterial plaque development.

“Imagine my surprise when I started noticing within 3 days of starting, that my knees didn’t hurt. Since I’m a skeptic, I even discontinued the Serrapeptase to test whether it actually worked, and the pain immediately returned. I’m sold on the stuff and think of it as a miracle worker.”

– BlueMoonGirl, amazon.com

How Does It Work?

This enzyme stops the release of bradykinin from inflamed tissues, which means the blood vessels don’t dilate, pain isn’t as severe, and histamine isn’t produced as much. This allows Serrapeptase to relieve pain and inflammation.

Buying Serrapeptase

There are all types of supplements that include Serrapeptase in its ingredients. It’s important to compare the options and read reviews and testimonials. The products I find the best are SerraEnzyme, Serranol and Blockbuster. All have serrapeptase in them but focus on different healing issues. Have a look at each of the links below and see which one will work best for you.
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May I just say what a comfort to find someone who truly knows about the cancer values of serrapeptase at last
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