Do you have enough Melatonin?

by admin on October 2, 2011

Melatonin and Cancer

Study shows how melatonin levels play a role in escalating rates of breast cancer. Night time production of melatonin inhibits the body’s secretion of estrogens and decreases breast cancer cell growth. Studies show that women who work night shifts may increase their risk of breast cancer up to 60% (Kliukiene 2001)

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are another inhibitor of melatonin production.

Melatonin also delivers another anticancer aid to women’s health. Physicians have now included melatonin with glutathione and vitamin E to shield molecules (especially DNA) from oxidative stress.

A typical dose for a healthy person is 6mg each night. Breast cancer patients often take between 3-20 mg each night.
After hunting and gathering the above information I went hunting to find which company might be able to supply us with a high quality melatonin and 5HTP.

I looked first to Good Health as I am a strong advocate of many of their products as those who read my posts would be aware. Once again they came up with the goods. They sell a product called Sleep Well which (includes 5HTP) and high dose absorption of Melatonin. It is a spray which helps with absorption and also contains B3 and D3.

I travel a lot and so I use the Melatonin spray to help with jet lag. I usually take for about 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after travel.

So sleep well and make sure you get your Melatonin levels up as it is very important for health and in particular women’s health. Do a little research yourself on Meltonin and Breast Cancer – it will be worth it.

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