Chronic Sinusitis

Millions suffer from sinusitis each year and even more seriously with cases of chronic sinusitis. A root cause of sinusitis that is rarely addressed is fungus. The dark, moist sinus cavities are a great environment for fungus growth. An overgrowth of infection of fungal microbes is most likely to occur after repeated use of antibiotics and steroidal nasal sprays which suppress the localized immune response. I recently stayed in a mouldy room and breathed in the mould fungus so this had to be a personal search for a solution.

Fungus Primary Cause of Sinusitis

In 1999 researchers at the Mayo Clinic announced to the medical community that fungus was primarily the cause of sinusitis. That made a lot of sense to me with a nonstop sinus issue for those few months. They also identified 40 different kinds of fungus in these people, with an average of 2.7 kinds per person.

One doctor who I think is my favourite mini saviour at the moment, called David Sherris, M.D. found that fungus is not an allergic reaction, but an immune reaction. When the sinus cavities are overrun with fungi, the body responds by marshalling immune cells, such as T-lymphocytes and eosinophils, for an attack. These result in irritation and inflammation of the sinus membranes and all that head area are then involved in the battle. That is what it felt like to me – a battle royal indeed.

Bee Propolis and Aloe Vera

Steroidal nasal sprays did not seem to help and in my hunting and gathering information on this issue it became clear that they can actually promote fungal overgrowth.  I began an antifungal treatment program consisting of a lemon and ginger teas along with my Reishi drink and grapefruit seed extract nasal spray, (containing a strong dose of oregano oil) and a probiotic containing acidophilus and bifidobacterium. I spoke to a doctor friend about it and she recommended ramping it up with large doses of Bee Propolis and Aloe Vera pure gel.  For more information on the products I found most helpful email me at

It’s important to make sure that there’s no structural defect in the nasal passageways or sinuses that hinders drainage. See a doctor to be sure of that.

Undetected dental infections I found out, including low-grade infections in root canals, can also cause chronic sinusitis. Antibiotics don’t always kill such infections, since root canals have poor blood supply and bacteria can become trapped there.



A Diet of bountiful vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fresh fish and lean poultry is recommended in order to keep the immune system on the victory path. Add onions, oregano, turmeric and garlic to your meals. They all have potent antifungal effects and can taste yummy. Flaxseed also has antifungal properties. When I was a young married so long ago there was a wonderful tonic drink that my mother in law used to make for us. It was called tamarind as it is an energizer. Since then, I have discovered that it is a natural form of HCA (hydrocitric acid) and is also called Garcinia. Scientists have found that it may be able to reduce cholesterol and boost the body’s production of reducing fats from what we eat as well as reduce hunger cravings.

Avoid simple sugar products, such as alcohol, soda, white bread and refined pasta, and have no more than eight ounces a day of any unsweetened fruit juice – they can suppress immunity, worsen inflammation and promote the growth of fungus. Finally, be wary of cow’s milk and wheat which often exacerbates sinusitis.


Oregano Oil

Taking oregano oil by itself in liquid or capsule form or in a combination herbal formula is recommended. Georgetown University researchers found oregano oil to have potent antifungal effects. Place two drops under the tongue twice daily and build to four drops daily. If the taste is too strong, dilute in two to four ounces of water. You can order that miracle oil from the Go Shop Young Living Essential Oils section. I also use their therapeutic grade of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil too for breathing issues. Be careful to only use these best quality oils so that you do not breathe in the toxins that are in so many other brands


This nutrient is a natural anti-inflammatory and has an antihistamine effect is in onions,  apples, green and black beans. Quercetin is recommended for allergies because they are common with sinusitis.


Grapefruit seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract is an antifungal/antimicrobial available in nasal spray.



“Good” bacteria are a key component in your immune system’s ability to keep fungi and other microbes in check. It’s important to replenish these bacteria in your sinuses and digestive tract as well as in the rest of your body – it is especially important if you recently used antibiotics, steroidal nasal sprays or the steroid prednisone. Taking a high quality probiotic formula daily may assist.



This amino acid-derived nutrient thins mucus and promotes sinus drainage.



This enzyme, which has a natural anti-inflammatory effect, has been shown to improve  acute sinusitis. Protease (protein-digesting) enzyme products also confer this benefit.

When treating sinusitis, taking bromelain or protease enzymes between meals to benefit from their anti-inflammatory effect may assist. If you choose a protease enzyme, Wobenzym  available online from  is a good formula. (Click the iherb link and get $5 off your first order.) The  recommended dosage is two tablets twice daily between meals. If you choose bromelain, the less expensive option, it is recommended to take 500 mg two times daily between meals.

Bromelain is made from pineapple, but eating pineapple alone does not provide the same benefit because bromelain is taken from the pineapple stem.  Bromelain and protease enzymes can be found at natural health food stores. If you take a blood thinner such as Warfarin (Coumadin) you should not use it.

Well there you have my sinus battle ideas for victory that works. It took a while to recover which was possibly slowed down by my somewhat hectic life. As I have no intention to slow down then it is super necessary to take such sinus battles onto the best physical arena possible.  Don’t settle for inadequate or lesser solutions when you have your wonderful life to live fully. For more information about these exceptional Aloe Vera products Click Here


Jim Rohn stated in his quotes the following, “The best way to predict your future is to create it”. Get onto creating a healthy future that is the best you can find. Let me know how it works for you please. Stay healthy!

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