Age Spots

Aging is not the cause of age spots. Excessive exposure to the sun with its harmful UV rays causes the skin to produce pigmentation discolouration of the skin. The age spots only appear on skin areas that are exposed to excessive sun – e.g.  face, arms, chest, shoulders. Even young people can have age spot discolourations appear too.

Flawless Skin:

Most people would prefer to have flawless skin. Nowadays there are numerous ways to lighten and remove skin discolourations with chemical procedures and sometimes with side effects. However I have found a safe product  designed to brighten the complexion of the skin along with decreasing dark spots on the skin.  I particularly like its Aloe Vera base, with the natural extracts and Vitamin E, for a safe result.

Avoid To Much Sun:

A balance of some sun exposure is reportedly good. The sun, however, showers out UV rays that trigger skin discolouration. With age, the skin has less ability to protect itself. It is better to use hats and umbrellas and safe sun screen lotions.

If you decide to use sun screen lotions then I recommend natural products that do not contain toxic chemicals. My recommendation is for maintaining youthful skin from the inside out with the daily use of Aloe Vera superior quality gel drink.


Stress can make you look older and increase the appearance of spots by weakening the skins natural ability to repair. Suggested tips to reduce stress are as follows:-

  • Practice daily deep breathing and meditation
  • Avoid stress triggers
  • Proper diet – e.g. aloe vera, pomegranate, bee pollen,
  • Omega 3 daily to help the body fight free radicals and
    prevent skin damage
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Regular exercise to detox the skin and tone it
  • Use natural products in sunscreen and skin whitening
    lotion (e.g. Forever Living Epiblanc Whitening and also Forever Aloe Sunscreen)


Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that can have characteristics like sun spots so have it checked by your health care provider.


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