News is showing on the internet to connect the candida infection of the gut to arthritis and also the acid reflux risks. That would mean that working on the candida infection you may have picked up years ago would then be the way to relieve and stop acid reflux as well as arthritis attacks. Research now shows up, that over 40% of arthritis patients are infected with the candida infection that is wreaking painful havoc on your joints and digestive system. We may be able to use the all-natural bacterial buster of Probiotics to stop this pain and distress. Also the healing properties of pure Aloe Vera juice with daily use of 100mls x 3 may be used to repair candida and protect the rebuilt immune system from the candida bacterium again. Natural aids to such distressing problems are there for us to choose wisely for a path to good health again. 

Candida Facts and  Solutions

Candida is an infection caused by the candida yeast.  Candida is normally present in the digestive tract and the vagina.  During some conditions such as humid weather or where the human body’s immune system is weak, the yeast can even spread into the skin.  The mucous of the mouth and vagina are commonly infected with candida infection.  Candida can penetrate blood, causing life threatening infections.  Candida can also develop after taking antibiotics (Still 1995).  The antibiotics kill the “good” bacteria that normally keep the candida bacteria in control. Pregnant women, diabetics and obese people are also prone to candida infections.  Some adults with mouth thrush caused by candida infection may have a more serious disorder such as diabetes or AIDS.  During my first pregnancy, I developed a candida infection but had no other symptoms than extreme fatigue.  My new German doctor identified candida as the cause.  He soon had me onto daily use of the most medicinal herb that nature ever created.  It was called Aloe Vera, but he called it the “Candida Miracle”.  Over the years, I have tried so many different Aloe Vera products because I didn’t like the task or the messiness of the natural garden variety.  You can buy Aloe Vera drinks that taste better but be careful to use a drink that is pure, as studies have found that some brands are very toxic in their production and should not be consumed. 

My candida infection showed up clear after two weeks of using the “Candida Miracle” of Aloe.  Then I stopped using the Aloe Vera gel due to the bitter taste.  My energy was restored again.  However, that didn’t last long so that in less than a year I had the problem back with more symptoms.  So I looked for an Aloe Vera juice that was more palatable.  It really was the “Candida Miracle” plant again for me.  Over the years I learnt that it was necessary to find Aloe Vera products that were low in sugar and salts and calories.  The Aloe Vera juice may be able to stabilise the blood sugar, but not if excessive sugars are added to it.

Long Term Candida Solutions:

My constant use of pristine and palatable Aloe Vera juice varieties has proven to prevent and treat the candida infections for me.  However after I stopped the use for a few weeks, then the candida infection would start again as well as the fatigue.

Candida and Harmful Side Effects

Some of the treatments for candida can be harmful and cause side effects.  That goes for Aloe Vera too, if its production is not safe or pristine. Aloe vera has continued to be the most impressive herb for my family needs, as well as my candida journey.  

Candida Free

At least I am candida free with the daily use of my Aloe, the “Candida Miracle” even long after my German doctor died.  I can even have my favourites now, like chocolates and ice cream, as long as I follow them with a delicious Aloe cocktail.   For more information about these exceptional Aloe Vera products Click Here




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