Benefits of Pomegranate

Many claims have been made about the health benefits of pomegranate juice.

Let me share some information about pomegranate juice that I have found.

Daily Express News article by Emma Bamford – “The Miracle Super Juice.

‘Pomegranates hold secret of a longer life, say doctors. One glass of pomegranate juice a day could help thousands live longer, it was recently revealed.  The miracle super juice is known to have fantastic health properties, but now researchers say it is effective in treating prostate cancer. And the drink may even kill off the deadly cells. Around 10,000 men die each year from the disease in Britain alone. Prostate cancer is the most common form of disease affecting men in the UK. But researchers in America say half a pint of pomegranate juice each day is enough to slow the progress of the illness. The drink could help a sufferer aged 65 to 70 to complete his normal life span.

A separate Israeli study has hailed the juice as a new “super food” that can reduce the risk of heart and artery disease. The fruit is also said to have anti-ageing properties.

As excitement over the findings grew, Sainsbury’s, which is supplying food to England’s World Cup football team, flew in extra pomegranate juice for the players yesterday. It is not yet known which element in the juice produces the results, said Dr Allan Pantuck, who led the American study.

“We don’t know if it’s one magic bullet or the combination of everything we know is in this juice. My guess is that it’s probably a combination of elements, rather than a single component,” he said.

The three-year study followed 50 patients after surgery or radio-therapy who had seen a rise in blood levels of prostate-specific antigen, known as PSA. This indicates cancer is still present. PSA levels usually double in 15 months, but regular intake of pomegranate juice slowed the doubling time to 54 months.

“In older men aged 65 to 70 who have been treated for prostate cancer, we can give them pomegranate juice and it may be possible for them to outlive their risk of dying from the cancer,” Dr Pantuck said. “We’re hoping we may be able to prevent or delay the need for other therapies usually used in this population, such as hormone treatment or chemotherapy, both of which bring with them harmful side effects.”

In the study, the speed at which PSA levels rose in the men fell by an average of 35% after they started drinking pomegranate juice. There was also evidence that the juice was actually killing prostate cancer cells. The number of cells grown decreased by almost 30% and their division rate fell by 12%. Apoptis – the process by which defective or cancerous cells “commit suicide” – rose by 17%.

“This is not a cure, but we may be able to change the way prostate cancer grows,” Dr Pantuck added.’


Pomegranate juice = anti-inflammatory (3x more than green tea and red wine)

Pomegranate juice = polyphenols + isoflavones (may have role in cancer cell death)


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Scientists in Israel studies have shown that drinking a glass of pomegranate juice every day can reduce the risk of heart and artery disease.

Studies at the Rambam Medical Centre in Haifa found the pomegranate to

–         Slow artery thickening

–         Reduce bad cholesterol

–         Lower blood pressure

The Prophet Mohammed is said to have urged his followers to eat the fruit to purge themselves of envy and hatred. Ancient Egyptians were buried with pomegranates in the belief that this would assist their rebirth.

Folk medicine in the Middle East and India show in ancient records that healers have used the bark, leaves, skin and rind as well as the edible fruit of the pomegranate to cure a multitude of ills.

e.g. – “A boiled infusion of the rinds is said to soothe a sore throat and a scalp massage paste made from the leaves to reverse baldness.”

Daily Mail report by S. Borland on the topic of middle age spread:-

‘It can help prevent cancer, is good for your heart and can even boost your sex life. If that wasn’t enough to tempt you to drink some, it is now claimed that pomegranate juice can also help shift middle-age spread. Scientists believe that the super-food has the power to reduce the fat stored round the stomach – the “spare tyre” in men, or “muffin top” in women. After just one month, volunteers who consumed a bottle of pomegranate juice every day were found to be less likely to develop fatty cells around their abdomen. They also had much lower blood pressure, therefore reducing their risk of heart attacks, strokes and kidney disease. The researchers from the University of Edinburgh believe pomegranate juice may lower the amount of fatty acid in the blood, known as nonesterified fatty acid or NEFA. Previous studies in humans and animals have shown that high NEFA levels are linked to a greater storage of fat around the abdomen, as well as an increased risk of heart disease and type II diabetes. In the experiment, 24 men and women were given a 500ml bottle of pomegranate juice to drink every day for four weeks. The researchers found that nearly half of all volunteers had much lower NEFA levels by the end of the trial. They believe that this make them less likely to store fat around their stomach. In addition, more than 90% of the men and women had lower blood pressure by the end of the month. Dr Emad Aldujaili and Dr Catherine Tseng, lead researchers at Edinburgh University’s School of Health Sciences said: “There is no doubt that pomegranate juice is beneficial in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease because our results showed a significant and consistent lowering of blood pressure.” Dr Aldujaili added: “There is early evidence that consumption of pomegranate juice may influence abdominal fat. We believe that these initial findings deserve more detailed study. The subjects in our latest study had a healthy body mass index, making the impact more difficult to observe. In future research we will investigate the effect on overweight or obese subjects in whom the effect may be even more evident.” Dr Aldujaili will present his findings at the International Functional Food meeting at Oxford Brookes University next month. It is already known that pomegranate juice is high in antioxidants, chemicals which help to neutralise harmful oxygen molecules called free radicals. If left unchecked, these molecules can damage cells causing illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and resulting in the body aging more quickly. The fruit is also thought to enhance the sex life, as the antioxidants increase the amount of blood flowing to the genitals.




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