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by admin on October 17, 2019

Wellness Kit – For Chronic Illness, Pain & Increased Vitality

 Special on till 20th October

 Wellness Kit
Regular Price
$149.95US  Sale Price $99US.
(discount for online orders only)
Till October 20th
For Health & Vitality 
Use Code: wellness99

How do the BioMagnets Help?
“When the cells become so sick that their energy/voltage goes
abnormally below a certain energy threshold, they form “malabsorption” which means they have become so weak, they no longer have the energy/voltage to absorb the necessary nutrients to increase their energy to
recover and heal.

To get started all you have to do is buy the “Wellness Kit” or any of the
other kits available by clicking the link below.  
There a kits available for:
-Increased Vitality and Health Maintenance
-Aches and pain
-Acute Pain or Injury
-Chronic Illness or long-term medical condition

Biomagnetic Therapy FAQ

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