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The sinuses are cavities in the bones around the nose, the cheeks, and the eyes. These cavities are lined with membranes that produce mucus, and when the sinuses are functioning normally, this mucus serves as a protective purpose: it warms and moistens incoming air and filters it for germs. When sinuses can’t drain properly however, the mucus accumulates and become stagnant, making the area ripe for infection.

If you are unsure whether your head congestion in sinusitis, bend forward from the waist. If you feel heavy pressure or pain against your cheekbones or your eyes, you probably have sinusitis.

Research has shown that chronic sinusitis is most often related to an immune response to a fungal infection in the sinus cavity. (More on the fungus issue in another time as it is a major problem in modern living.)


  • Pressure and pain around the cheekbones and the eyes
  • Clogged nasal passages
  • Thick, greenish-yellow mucus discharge
  • Diminished sense of smell or taste
  • Toothache
  • Fatigue
  • Fever (more often in acute cases, rarely in chronic)


Root Causes

Anything that blocks the sinus cavities or causes the mucus membranes to swell can lead to sinusitis.

  • A respiratory infection
  • Environmental allergies, especially hay fever
  • Environmental irritants, including tobacco and pollution and wheat
  • Food allergies or sensitivities especially to milk, wheats, additives
  • A diet that’s high in mucus-forming foods
  • A dental infection
  • Any activity that places pressure on the sinuses: swimming, scuba diving, flying in planes
  • An immune system reaction to a fungal infection in the sinus cavity
  • Systematic candidiasis and other fungal bodily problems


Diet aids that may help-

Eat lightly; drink plenty of herbal teas, vegetable juices, and broths.

  • Aloe Vera gel juice of high pristine quality –without preservatives or fungal or contaminants (You can email me for further information on how to be sure you are getting the best and safest quality of this)
  • Omega 3 of only superior quality ( email to me if you are looking for a good one)
  • Garlic also fights infection.
  • Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory herb (I use this in a lot of my gravies and foods)

Food to Avoid

  • Dairy products, refined flours, chocolate, eggs, and fried and processed foods which can  cause high levels of mucus.
  • Sugar and sugar replacements ( email to me if you have a sweet tooth like me and need further help to find the best solutions for this or even where to find  really safe honey)


Eucalyptus oil will clear out sinuses quickly. Tea tree oil, Peppermint, and lavender are also beneficial.

Regular exercise will help keep your nasal passages clear. Hot showers are a great help to clear the nasal passages each morning too. If you have chronic sinusitis, you may well have problems with candida overgrowth. See the Candidiasis section of our archives


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