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The skin may be burned from heat, steam, scalding liquids, the sun, chemicals, or electricity. Severe burns can destroy all skin layers and damage the underlying muscle and fat. Electrical burns are caused by electric shock. Severe electrical burns quite often do not display much damage on the surface layer of skin. The real damage is deeper in the layers underneath.

Consult your doctor about your burn problem asap:

  • All electrical burns
  • Any burn located on the face, the mouth, the hands, or the genitals
  • Any burn that covers more than 10 percent of the body or completely encircles an arm or a leg
  • Any burn that blisters or turns the skin white
  • Any burn that remains red or oozes longer than twenty-four hours and intensifies in pain.

Natural therapies can be very effective in relieving the pain  and damage of minor burns. Drink electrolyte drinks and plenty of water or pure aloe vera juices to replace lost fluids. Citrus fruits and aloe vera provide bioflavonoids that may help heal the skin. Medical reports now indicate that a combination of aloe vera and propolis can aid in rapid repair to burnt skin in monor conditions.

Diet is a great aid to skin repair eg, aloe vera juice to drink and fish, nuts like walnuts, and seeds such as flaxseeds provide essential fatty acids for tissue repair. Arctic Sea Super quality of Omega 3  in capsules can internally rehydrate the damaged skin from within.

Aloe Vera

Choose an aloe gel product (80 percent or higher and of pristine quality) and apply to the burned area twice daily. Aloe has a soothing effect and may stimulate skin healing.  This is what I always have in my first aid cupboard and all bathrooms and kitchens and glove box of the car. Email to me if you want to know the quality and brand that I use for the best for my family and friends. I also keep a tube of crème that combines aloe vera and propolis for supreme healing of skin damage. Ask me about that one too as I only use the best quality available.


Research indicates – Take 500 to 1,000 mg three times daily on an empty stomach or in the intravenous form given by your doctor. L-glutamine is required for tissue healing and to prevent secondary infection that often occurs with burns.  It is found in aloe vera gel too


Take 30 mg twice daily, along with 2 mg of copper. Zinc promotes skin healing.  Did you know that zinc is also found in quality aloe vera products. It is essential for accelerating healing of wounds as well as an aid for healthy teeth and bones, and immune repair.

MSM  Healing Gel

Antioxidant complex

Take a complex  of supplements composed of antioxidants such as vitamins E, C, selenium, and others, which may be able to neutralize free radical damage as the result of burns, including sunburns.  I use an exceptional one for this and do email me if you want to use the same one to ensure the best quality and superior standard for your loved ones too.

Topical creams that contain vitamins C and E, CoQ10, and caratenoids may be helpful in preventing sunburns.

Propolis is a bee product that may also speed healing of a burn and prevents secondary infections as shown in the vast medical researches available today

Pure honey, applied to burns, helps to speed healing and prevent infection.

Email me for more information about the products I find the best. (d@goodhealthwithd.com)


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