Sleep Was What Michael Jackson Needed

by admin on November 17, 2011

Sleep was what Michael Jackson needed. Sleep is the reason his doctor has been found guilty of the death of the brilliant Michael Jackson. Pumping a brilliant person, like Michael Jackson, with drugs to make him sleep, was negligent to the creativity of Michael anyway. The negligence of the proper care and respect, for the privilege the doctor had for Michael, to care for Michael Jackson was atrocious. The doctor will lose his medical license to be a doctor now. According to the old Hammurabi Code, the penalty for medical malpractice was to cut off the doctor’s hands. Due to his need for Sleep, Michael has had his life cut off and the doctor will have a mild punishment in comparison.


We cannot bring back the brilliant humanitarian and performer that we had in Michael Jackson but we can learn to master our own sleep stresses for ourselves instead of leaving our sleep needs in the care of others. We all need sleep. In fact the reason that Michael Jackson paid his doctor $150,000 a month was due to the serious need for sleep. Michael was aware of the dangers and the need for sleep so it was severely negligent of the doctor to leave him in more danger. A person will die from total lack of sleep sooner than from starvation. Death will occur about 10 days without sleep. For Michael Jackson to pay so much to help him with his sleep needs was a seemingly responsible way to deal with gaining safe sleep. Maybe he should have slept like the dolphin with one eye open to keep an eye on the doctor.


We don’t want to be like the dolphin that sleeps with one eye open either. Nor do we want the fear of whether the doctor for the sleep condition is affective or not. It is stressful enough without having to keep an eye on others about your sleep problem.


Sleep deprivation will drive one even to be desperate enough to accept any advice from so called authoritarians or experts.

Sleep deprivation should be a warning sign to take responsibility to find solutions. I hope some of this information here will help you do that.

The first step is to take responsible steps yourself to hunt for solutions.


Another doctor, Dr Saturner named the drug morphine after the Greek god of dreams (Morpheus) in 1803, due to its use to put people to sleep. People are always going to doctors for sleep solutions rather than finding safe and responsible self-solutions for sleep goodhealth.

If there is one legacy that Michael Jackson would leave us with other than all his brilliant sharing’s, it would be to encourage us to use more natural means of sleep solutions for ourselves. Depending on others for the sleep deprivation condition is not so wise now, we see! I wonder did anyone ever tell Michael Jackson about natural ways to master sleep with natural means.


How to sleep then with the use of natural methods can be a legacy to ourselves and to Michael.

Natural Sleep aids:


Insomnia (resulting from anxiety), jet-lag, or any other sleep disorder, result from a melatonin deficiency. If this is what you experience, than I suggest you use a wonderful product called Sleep Well Spray. It is a natural supplement form of melatonin. This Melatonin product includes the important 5-HTP. 5-HTP aids to enhance our sleep because cell’s increase the amount of serotonin output. Most people find that 5-HTP is far more efficient than using L-tryptophan, (which is a popular remedy for sleep). A natural nightcap is Melatonin which is produced when our eyes register darkness by our pineal gland, which is located at the centre of the brain and secreted, which then helps our bodies to regulate our sleep-wake cycle. In studies that have been conducted is has shown that low doses of a supplemented form of Melatonin is able to help us sleep and decrease the effects of jet lag. Unfortunately, when we age our melatonin production decreases. Some scientists think that this would explain why older age groups often find themselves suffering from a reduced sleep capacity.


Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera contains essential nutritious enzymes that our body’s need. The Aloe Vera juice that I use is 100% stabilized Aloe Vera, which means it’s like going out to your garden and eating the gel from the plant, except this tastes a lot better and certainly is a lot easier. Aloe Vera has a soothing/relaxing effect on our body and although it may be considered very good for our digestive systems, it’s may also be helpful in maintaining and enhancing our physiological functions to make sure that we receive a well-earned quality sleep.


Serrapeptase is the Miracle Enzyme that aids the body in many different ways. Serrapeptase is very beneficial for those that suffer from the likes of Atherosclerosis, Cholesterol and many other problematic areas. Serrapeptase also has Anti-Oxidant properties. These anti-oxidants in clinical studies have shown that they are beneficial to help us fall asleep and stay asleep. Liver function improvement and other cellular function improvements are some of the reported benefits of anti-oxidants. It’s important to note that if your body is attempting to fight off infections, this will put a strain on your normal metabolism and your immune system. These attempts will produce many unhealthy free radicals and inflammation. With the use of anti-oxidants our bodies are better able to handle these unhealthy free radicals by helping to support the immune system function and equalise out any small irritations and restlessness at nightime. Serrapeptase is an effective antioxidant that may help restore your body’s internal equilibrium during sleep and keep your body calm which will help initiate a deep and relaxing sleep.


Serranol: with Ecklonia Cava

Serranol may be able to promote healthier wellbeing in your inflammatory system and provide much needed support to almost every part of your body. Serranol has a remarkable natural ingredient in it called; Ecklonia Cava Seaweed.
Ecklonia Cava, which is species of brown algae, is usually found off the coasts of Japan, Korea and China. Much attention has been attracted to the Ecklonia Cava because of the many benefits it has to offer. In relation to anti-oxidants, it is said the Ecklonia Cava Seaweed is much more powerful than green tea. It may be able to neutralize damages caused by free radicals in the body and although it has been recored as being very beneficial for those who have high cholesterol, heart disease or fibromyalgia, it may also aid those with insomnia. Serranol has a number of vitamins and minerals that can also give support to the body to help it relax and rejuvenate, ensuring that you can have a good night sleep.

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