Wheat of Ancestors vs.Modern Wheat Today

by admin on January 10, 2012

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Wheat of our ancestors is not the same as the wheat we are eating today and if you are wanting “good health” than you need to understand the health hazards modern wheat presents.   Today’s wheat may look the same, taste the same but it has been altered  by  crossbreeding  hybridization, and genetic modifications to create a more drought resistant,  high yield hybrid, with lower production costs, and a more profitable return.    Wheat originally had 14 chromosomes but now has increased to over 25,000 chromosomes.  Major alterations to wheat were done in the latter half of the twentieth century creating thousands of new strains when up til then wheat was virtually the same as two centuries ago.  What price have we paid on our health?    Modern wheat now appears to have  become a major health hazard, and no longer seems a source of good nutrition or good health.

How Modern Wheat Can Effect Our Health

The modern wheat product with its current major biochemical differences can effect our immune system, nervous system, and brain function. This would then appear to be resulting in a variety of diseases such as celiac disease, neurological disorders, rashes, arthritis, diabetes, schizophrenia, heart disease along with general aches and pains to add to the mix of misery.

A piece of whole wheat bread can increase blood sugar so much so that often it can be worse than eating a packet of sugar or having a can of soda.  The more you eat wheat apparently then the more you want it.  Wheat cravings are insatiable.   Wheat can have a detrimental effect on the brain similar to a  drug.   It’s like an addiction to drugs and alcohol although it is something we eat every day and often classified as good nutrition.  This so called “healthy” grain is a modern hybrid food now and also generates an acidic imbalance even more so than eating meat.  This must be counterbalanced with alkaline foods to prevent joint inflammation, osteoarthritis and loss of calcium in the bones.   Plant foods such as spinach, cabbage and greens are a good balance.

A Swiss Alps glacier fossil man was found buried and preserved dating  from around 3300 BC.  They found inside his gastrointestinal tract mostly digested meats and plants.  Being a hunter-gatherer his diet would have consisted mostly of rich meats but it was also shown that he ate an abundance of plant food that are more alkalizing and this counterbalanced his acid load.

Modern hybrid wheat that we buy as bread etc and its acidic by-products disrupt the pH acidic balance  This creates a dangerous chronic acidosis that can potentially lead to bone fractures and bone loss.   Opting for wheat replacement seems like a great alternative to a hip or knee replacement .So as you can see, wheat is not your friend.  Eliminating wheat may be inconvenient for you, but it  certainly is much healthier option for a longer healthier, and happy life and aching- free lifestyle.

I felt very strongly about this common problem. I hear so many who tell me about how much relief they get from aching muscles when they avoid modern wheat. I felt it important to share this with you. Wheat foods may be cheaper in the short term but the cost to health is too great, in my opinion. Good health is a treasure that we share. Enjoy sharing in 2012 and enjoy good health!

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Lupe Cirone July 15, 2013 at 12:32 PM

I will give up wheat and any products with it in it now and then look to reduce my inflammations and pain. Thanks..

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