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Serranol is a combination of SerraEnzyme 120,000IU, Curcumin750mg, Ekloma Cava Seaweed and 3000IU of D3. I have not had much experience yet with this product but a friend started on it. At first I was a little sceptical as I was used to the SerraEnzyme on its own. I had thought the potency of the enzyme would be compromised in a blend, but I was wrong.

The potency is high and with the Curcuminx4000 and other ingredients this product is proving to be another little miracle worker.

I’ve been taking Serranol now for 3 weeks and already I have noticed a difference. I work a lot on computers and I usually find that by the afternoon the electomagnetic energy of the computer has completely drained me to the point of feeling sick and my thinking becomes foggy. For the past few weeks I have been on the computer full time and have not felt that way at all. I had not realised until the other day I forgot to take my Serranol and boy did I notice the difference. I only made it to about 2pm and had to stop my work. I dont think I will ever forget it again. Lily

The product is reported as being able to help your heart, blood flow, circulation, joints and cells. For more information visit Serranol

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