Reishi & Green Tea benefits.

by admin on July 4, 2014

Dr. Ed Okello of New Castle told the Daily Mail that

What was really exciting was that we found when green tea is digested, the resulting chemicals are actually more effective against key triggers of Alzheimer’s, [and] the digested compounds also had anti-cancer properties, significantly slowing down the growth of tumor cells which we were using in our experiments.

Okello thinks everyone should add green tea to their diets.

“Green tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and what we have here provides the scientific evidence why it may be effective against some of the key diseases we face today. [And while] there are obviously many factors which together have an influence on diseases such as cancer and dementia—a good diet, plenty of exercise and a healthy lifestyle are all important—I think it’s fair to say that at least one cup of green tea a day may be good for you and I would certainly recommend it.”

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