Reducing Radiation Damages

by admin on November 12, 2014

So deep are the protective, buffering and neutralizing properties of bicarbonate that it is used even with radiation exposure to protect the kidneys and other tissues. In a world that is already overexposed to uranium and mercury, sodium bicarbonate becomes even more important because mercury and uranium oxide directly attack the nuclear material and mitochondria of the cells. 

If the bombs start dropping anywhere on earth you will need to have a large amount of sodium bicarbonate on hand. Minimum stocks should be 25 or 50 pounds. You will also need iodine, magnesium chloride, spirulina and a long list of survival items. I am recommending that one stocks up on bicarbonate, which is extraordinarily inexpensive.
So useful and strong is sodium bicarbonate that at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, researcher Don York has used baking soda to clean soil contaminated with uranium. Sodium bicarbonate binds with uranium, separating it from the dirt; so far, York has removed as much as 92 percent of the uranium from contaminated soil samples. I started writing about baking soda after discovering that the United States Army recommends the use of bicarbonate to protect the kidneys from radiation damage.
Excerpts from Reducing Radiation Damages with Bicarbonate Soda by Dr Sircus
Bicarb Soda can be purchased from Health Food or Local Grocery Stores… Make sure it is “pure.”
Nascent Iodine Click Here (Search Nascent Iodine)
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