Multiple Sclerosis

by admin on September 13, 2011

The 1990 diagnosis of my 12 year old daughter with a severe type of multiple sclerosis set me on a path as a health hunter and gatherer. Visits to doctors all over Australia only resulted in worse stories with no future for my bubbly little girl.

The prognosis of MS was largely predicted over a 5 year period. Many physicians predicted that my daughter, affectionately called Princess Bubbles, would not survive that long. The commonly used drugs for treatment of MS were controversial and not clearly established and the severe long term side effects included possible mutations, sterility, paralysis and increased risk of cancer. At the time my son had been put onto Ritalin for severe acne and experienced unpleasant side effects of addictions. So I was very much aware of the risk of side effects.

I prayed and hunted for a better solution for my daughter that would keep her alive and ‘bubbling’ along. I was lead to find the popular methods of Dr Roy Swank (Swank 1988).

Swank found that MS occurred only among people living in countries where animal fat (including butter, milk and cheese) was a substantial part of the diet. Swank’s study found that those who relied heavily on fish oils and those who used olive or coconut oils benefited well.

That started me off on a track of hunting and gathering alternative health solutions. With my work of constant overseas travel I had the opportunity to seek out many alternative doctors and was able to bring back many alternative supplements to help her. (The internet was not available to me at that stage.) With these supplements I began to try and rebuild the myelin sheaths that are destroyed with the condition.

In 1999 her health went into a severe nose-dive due to an emotional issue in the family (my married life was not always an easy one). This nose-dive was clearly an emotional issue and so my hunting went into a new direction to investigate emotions and how that affects our health. The results were startling and I will do a post on that very soon as too extensive to deal with here.

The main areas of need for Princess Bubbles involved a:
• Need for energy and energy foods.
Memory and brain booster solutions
• Autoimmune support
• Deficiency of essential fatty acids
• Bladder infections
• Deficiencies that could cause breast cancer and cervical cancers.

The result: A strict diet to avoid processed sugars, alcohol, gluten and dairy products.

Her daily supplements are as follows:
Mega Hydrate
ActiveLife (9461L)

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Note: As a single mum with no husband or government support I also created this website for financial needs too. I fund the cost of the many supplements for my daughter by sharing what I know about health with others and using various health affiliate programs that I believe work and that offer 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and where possible Clinical Studies to back them up. So it goes that I am very grateful for your faithful support of my site.

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