Grey Hair

by admin on July 15, 2013

Gray Hair Causes

The most common cause of grey hair is due to the natural process of ageing & scientists have found that a buildup of hydrogen peroxide is the main grey hair cause.

With age there is  drop in  production of catalase enzyme which stops hydrogen peroxide from breaking down melanin (melanin is what gives our hair and skin pigment).

Other causes include vitamin deficiency of:

  • the vitamin B12,
  • stress,
  • medical condition eg  thyroid imbalance,
  • smoking,
  • heredity.

It is a myth that grey hair in women and men only occurs with older age. Grey hair in 20s, and gray hair at 30 is known as premature grey hair .

To prevent or stop premature grey hair naturally, then it is wise to use suitable supplements and avoid such stresses etc.

Wise us of supplements works stop early grey hair from the inside out with healthy vitamins, herbs, and extracts, so your natural hair will grow back through your roots!

Watch your grey go away! Now we know that  grey hair can be stopped and reversed.

We stop grey hair by using a vitamins that includes the Catalase enzyme and Vitamin B12 & Biotin and amazing Astragalas tea.

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Aloe Gel Juice (scroll down and click on Drinks)

Vitamin B12 (not available in Australia) but you can email me for a special service on this exceptional one

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Natalie H. August 18, 2013 at 2:37 PM

My sisters hair went silver – it was jet black – and she was told it was an excess of mercury – We are not sure why or how she ended up with excess mercury but would Aloe help get rid of it somehow?

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