Green Makes Life Easier.

by admin on August 12, 2014

Green is a color that inspires peace and tranquility.

A common color in nature – found in grass, trees and vegetation – green can make you feel grounded, creative, and calm. It is the easiest color on our eyes and can be stared at the longest without eye strain or agitation and can help to teach you how to calm your mind.

This makes it an excellent choice for business accents – consumers feel more relaxed around green which encourages them to shop longer. The same goes for employees. Studies show that employees in a green environment are more productive and happier overall. Production studios have “green rooms” which have a greater calming effect on guests than other colors do.

Researchers found that placing a transparent green page over reading material boosted student reading speed and retention. Schoolroom blackboards – before the days of overhead displays – were painted green so students didn’t tire of looking at them.

Natural greens are a safe color choice in home décor; painted green walls are one of the most enjoyed colors for both genders. Green fabric looks good on all skin tones and makes the wearer feel refreshed and optimistic.

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