Comedy & Laughs 4 Goodhealth.

by admin on December 15, 2014

A chuckle a day keeps the doctor away

Ever have one of those days? The neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking… someone is parked in your space… and a bill arrives marked “Past Due” even though you KNOW you’ve paid it.

When life’s stresses get you wound up tighter than a banjo string, you don’t need some Big Pharma happy pill or a dangerous muscle relaxer.

What you DO need is a good laugh.

A new study from Loma Linda University in California has found that a good, deep belly laugh produces the same relaxing effect on your brain as a full mediation session!

Research volunteers were shown videos that were either amusing, spiritual, or distressing .

Turns out funny videos produced the same healing gamma waves your brain generates when you meditate or pray.

So  if I can relax and give my brain a workout by watching a few Archie Bunker or the new 3 Stooges re-runs, sign me up!

The truth is, the way you handle stress has an enormous impact on your health.

A poor stress response can make you  depressed, fat, trigger heart disease and can even cause cancer!

And the mainstream doesn’t have any answers for you — but the Smothers Brothers might.


My family start the weekend with comedy movies to laugh away the past week.

So the next time you’re feeling stressed, pop in a DVD of your favorite comedy show and put your feet up.

You may be adding years to your life one chuckle at a time

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