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by admin on June 21, 2019

Both myself and some of my friends have been using these BioMagnets for a few years now and I would like to share them with you as we have had some wonderful results from them. In saying that you need to be careful as not all magnet therapies are the same. These biomagnets are specifically designed to support the natural electrical charge of human cells.

180 Biomagnetic Therapies

How do the BioMagnets Help?

“When the cells become so sick that their energy/voltage goes abnormally below a certain energy threshold, they form “malabsorption” which means they have become so weak, they no longer have the energy/voltage to absorb the necessary nutrients to increase their energy to recover and heal.

Cells with malabsorption literally become stuck at a chronically ill, dysfunctional level. As a result, constant pain, chronic fatigue, brain fog, high bacterial/yeast population, and chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia or lupus are caused by these sick cells.

Since malabsorption also prevents drugs and supplements from being absorbed, the drugs or supplements become toxic to the body making the individual even more ill until the body can eliminate them.

This is where BiomagScience Energy Therapy becomes the Go-to-Therapy…” Peter Kulish

This is something you can do at home by just following the simple instructions. Peter Kulish has also written a book which is very insightful and helps with understanding how the magnets work.
To get started all you have to do is buy the “Wellness Kit” or any of the other kits available on his site and go go go.  There a kits available for:

  • Increased Vitality and Health Maintenance
  • Aches and pain
  • Acute Pain or Injury
  • Chronic Illness or long-term medical condition

Peter has many testimonials on his site and maintains that BiomagScience’s advanced Biomagnetic therapies have brought people out of terminating comas, have helped quadriplegic and others with severs nerves walk normally again, helped resolve acute lupus and over 180 other simple to acute medical conditions and illness. To date the only people I have found that cant use it is people with pacemakers and people with a Degenerative Heart Disease.

Take a look by clicking on the link below…

180 Biomagnetic Therapies

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