Flu & Immunity.

by admin on January 28, 2016

Making plans for building your immune system  to avoid the flu  so much talked about is focused usually  on:

*vitamin C and


* selenium.

Selenium is a trace mineral you find in fish, nuts and beef, but plenty of people aren’t getting enough.

The body needs selenium.

Like all trace minerals, it’s essential for proper body functioning, though you need less of them than you do vitamins and minerals needed in larger quantities, such as calcium and iron.

It acts as fuel for key white blood cells called macrophages that attack and kill viruses, such as fluey things.

In fact, British researchers found that once volunteers started taking selenium supplements,

they were able to more quickly build up their white blood cell counts and rid themselves of viruses.

Your body uses selenium to make enzymes called selenoproteins.

There are 25 of them, and some of them — such as glutathione peroxidases — work as antioxidants,

which are molecules that prevent against cell damage.

They protect cells by turning chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide into harmless products like water.

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