B12 Deficiency – What U Need to Know

by admin on November 26, 2014

Right now, millions of American adults suffer the effects of low B12 and don’t even know it.They think they’re “just getting older” or worse —  misdiagnosed by their doctor with conditions like advanced cognitive decline… depression… fatigue… insomnia… balance disorders… jaundice… paresthesia (that pins-and-needles tingling)…and then given drugs that don’t fix the problem and may make it worse.If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms, it’s imperative that you take action NOW before irreversible damage occurs. The good news is that B12 deficiency can be remedied easily, quickly and inexpensively.SIGNS OF B12 DEFICIENCY

  • Low energy and weakness
  • Confusion or “fuzziness”
  • Persistent sleep problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Hearing and vision loss
  • Memory problems
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Weak immunity
  • Tingling in the extremities
How bad is it? B12 deficiency now affects nearly 50% of older adults. And nearly 40% of all adults are flirting with deficiency status and may already be suffering symptoms as a result.

In fact, it’s so frequently missed by doctors that the Centers for Disease Control has rushed out a special course for physicians called “Why Vitamin B12 Deficiency Should Be On Your Radar Screen.”

My advice to you — don’t wait for your doctor to bring it up!

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