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by admin on August 3, 2015

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Q:What is Sleepnature?

A:Sleepnature is one natural herbal product based on knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine for sleep problems. All its formula are grown specifically in natural circumstance. Sleepnature follows GESIN Standard of TCM. It can improved the long time insomnia effective,because of the poor quality of sleep some people will get the fatigue,headache,much dream.sweat.memory loss and so on problems after take the Sleepnature their condition will be improved also.

Q:How Sleepnature work?

A: Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the reason people  get a serious disease is because of the imbalance of YinYang in body. Sleepnature is designed to help in the curing of kidney and liver yin deficiency and  make sure they are  in balance. It can clear heat in blood which can cause a type of insomnia and improves the sleep quality. Sleepnature focus on regulating the function of our heart to create a peaceful condition to help us get sleep easily.

Q:What’s the advantage of the sleepnature?

A:1.Help to relieve insomnia.

2.Help to reflesh your body energy.

3.Help to relieve uneasiness of mind and body tranquilization.

4.Help to remove Dizziness and tinnitus.

5.Help to enhance brain immune system.

6.Help to anti fatigue and weakness.

7.Help to improve lung Kindney Concurrent deficiency.

8.Help to remove polydipsia and abnormal sweating due to general debility.

Q: What is Sleepnature ‘s package, usage and dosage?

A:Sleepnature is vegetable capsules, 60 capsules per bottle, 2 capsules twice daily before meals.

Q: How can I tell the effect and how long can I tell the effect?

A: Generally, two months treatment dosage, 4 bottles, 240 capsules can make good improvement  and two months treatment dosage is taken as one treatment period. You can tell by body changes comparing before and after taking Sleepnature.

Q: If I can take chemical treatment together with Sleepnature?

A: Yes, you can, because Sleepnature can also reduce chemical treatment side effects.

Q: Will I need to take SleepNature all the time?

A: No, because Sleepnature mainly focuses on balancing yin and yang of the body to improved the poor sleep quality. Generally we set 12 months supply as max offer, and after 12 months, if you still have problems, we will give complete diagnosis and treatment plan to fix the left problems. Surely you can continue to use Sleepnature after 12 months supply if you like because Sleepnature is safe and also can prevent problems happen.

Q: If the Sleep problems is curable?

A: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we can’t find a word which talks sleep problem is incurable. The poor sleep quality is from bad working, living, and food intake habits as well as bad emotions. Correct Product only can treat the disease but can’t change people’s bad habits, so if people make up their mind to change their bad habits, at the same time to take correct product, you will enjoy your sleep again.

Q: What are bad habits?

A: Stay up often, slugabed, irregular food intake, improper diet, take too much spicy and greasy food, take too cold or hot drinks, middle night snack often(eat foods before sleep), too frequent sex life, sedentary and not like excercise, overthinking often, lose temper often, depress often, work too hard often, too much entertainments.

Q: How can I compare which product is correct for me?

A: If you stop taking it after required treatment period, your problems become more serious, this product is not correct for you, it is hurting your body. If you stop taking it after required treatment period, your problems become much better than before, this product is correct for you, it will help you to gain health.

Q: What need I notice for food and drink intake during taking Sleepnature?

A: Spicy, greasy food and cold foods should be reduced during taking Sleepnature.

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